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Advantages and Disadvantages of IT Staff Augmentation

An increase in the number of employees can be absolutely necessary for any company.  This is a necessary measure that any entrepreneur may need.  Therefore, today we will talk about this in more detail.

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Usually, an increase in staff is necessary when most colleagues go on vacation or when a firm has a large number of sales of a service or product and they simply do not have time.  This is a very useful service that anyone can need at any time.

Such a personnel optimization decision as an increase in staff has a number of advantages, namely:

  • Gives you an opportunity to close the gap in certain skills.  If the staff lacks specialists who are strong in certain areas/technologies, then employers often follow the most common, but far from the easiest way – they begin to select such specialists on their own.  However, in many cases this leads to high costs both for the selection itself and later, when it turns out that the company does not need such a specialist all the time;
  • Downsizing recruitment time.  Self-selection of members is a prolix and difficult process, and if it is delayed, then the company will inevitably start to lose money.  The increase in staff is professionally handled by a professional company – that is, you do not have to waste your resources on recruiting, and the right employee will quickly and on time go to work;
  • Reduces the cost of recruiting employees.  If a dedicated company is engaged in the selection, but expenses are significantly reduced;
  • Decrease of operational expenses.  Employees who are part of the company’s own staff are much higher than those who are outsourced.  In short, an increase in staff permits you to apply personnel resources equally as if workers were part of the members, but without the value of supporting them;
  • Ease of selection.  You can recruit the correct number of workers quickly and exactly when you want it with no spending a significant amount of money and time.  For example, it is convenient for holding short-term encouraging and promotional campaigns, closing express projects, or substitution a sick employee;
  • Give you the opportunity to consider business, not about personnel grunt work.  The outsourcing corporation assumes all responsibility for maintaining personnel records management for the provided employees.  Thus, you do not need to think about paying them wages, deducting insurance premiums, taxes, etc.

There are not as many cons as it might seem at first glance.  The only drawback that may be so is the difficulty in finding employees.  After all, finding good professionals who can take on a lot of authority is not so easy.

It is also important to provide employees with a comfortable place to work. Today, co-working spaces that provide services for renting workspaces or even just tables are very popular. Just imagine how your team works in a cozy place to work on the seashore, for example.

Many are faced with the dishonesty of new employees, poor quality work, as well as violation of deadlines.  Therefore, sometimes it is best to turn to specialists in order to facilitate the search for workers.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that IT Staff Augmentation is a very useful and necessary service that absolutely any business may need.  But it takes a lot of time to find good employees, so in such cases it is best to contact specialists who can help with team selection.

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