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Types of motion graphics       

Motion design, or motion graphics, has been known since the mid-20th century and has only been gaining momentum ever since. Modern person is constantly on the move. He likes everything dynamic and active. That is why animated objects are of interest to the consumer today much more than static ones. The eyes like to watch moving objects, because they all carry some kind of message, plot, idea. It can be a presentation, an alert or an advertisement. The focus on movement is driving designers to create animated stories more and more.

This direction appeared on the domestic market not so long ago, but quickly gained popularity among both manufacturers and consumers. Motion graphics are not the same as animation. There are many differences between them. Animation is a generalized concept that combines a variety of areas and techniques, including motion graphics. To get a quality product, you can turn to motion graphics design services by Fireart. To understand what you are dealing with, let’s understand the classification of motion graphics and its directions.

Motion design techniques

Those who have been working with animation and video creation for a long time can try their hand at more complex work. The following motion design techniques can become such ones:

  1. Morphing is a technique for blending one object into another. For example, in a video, a person can gradually turn into someone else. It’s an eye-pleasing, smooth transformation. The effect is intriguing and eye-catching, because the viewer wants to know how everything will end and who will be on the video as a result.
  2. Liquid motion – This is the same process of flowing from one object to another, only now the picture is complemented by spectacular splashes that imitate drops of water flowing from the object.
  3. Stop motion is a technique of sharp movement of an image around the frame. Most often used in old-time cartoons and advertisements. For example, when you need to show in a matter of seconds how the rearrangement in the room went. In this case, the objects begin to move quickly around the site, and everything ends with a frame with a finished design.

Each of the techniques allows you to add creativity and dynamics to your videos.

Motion Graphics Directions

Motion design is multifaceted, and this is what attracts the attention of designers, animators, and application developers. In this area, a specialist will always have a place for growth and development. If we talk about its varieties, then here we can distinguish two key areas and this:

  1. 2D animation. Represents videos created in a flat dimension. There are no big figures here. But there are also advantages: this format is easy to learn, so beginners are advised to start with it.
  2. 3D animation. Volumetric graphics that accurately reflect reality. Programs designed to work with three-dimensional graphics require equipment with special technical characteristics. This should be taken into account by everyone who decides to engage in animation in 3D format. Of the main activities where this direction of motion graphics is practiced, one can note video presentations, advertising, training videos, infographics, computer and mobile games, cartoons, animations for interfaces or websites.

When using a game designing app, it is important to check which products can be created using a particular program. For amateurs and beginners, the 2D format is suitable, and for specialists of an average and higher level of professionalism, you can try your hand at two- and three-dimensional formats.

Applications of motion graphics

Depending on the directions and techniques of motion design videos, it can be used in different areas of human activity. It is used to introduce new products and services. This is one of the most effective forms of advertising that generates interest. Let’s see where exactly motion graphics are used:

  • SMM and advertising is most actively used in social networks and on television. If we talk about the domestic market, then motion advertising is one of the most popular in attracting an audience and keeping its attention. Such products are expensive, but the result, as everyone who has already used them, is worth it. For example, the owners of the Okey hypermarket chain introduce motion graphics into their advertising campaigns. This type of anime adds bright colors and showiness. Another technique is used in email newsletters;
  • interactive design – bright pop-up headings, advertising moving banners and logos. They increase consumer loyalty to the brand and improve the interaction of the company with the consumer;
  • educational products — this includes master classes, presentations, infographics, case studies;
  • video clips – animated text can be used in clips so that the viewer can not only hear the song, but also visually perceive it. This is handy if you can’t make out some words. In addition, the video becomes more spectacular, more interesting;
  • film industry – a screensaver for a film with captions to give the viewer information about the film, about what awaits him ahead. The period of demonstration of the name and participants of the movie becomes interesting and you don’t want to rewind it. The titles are dynamic and have an interesting, vivid plot that looks like a separate mini-movie.

Marketing, business, advertising are areas in which motion design is simply indispensable.

What you need to know about programs that can create “magic in design”?

Since motion design is a fairly new trend, it is not strange that you can get confused with the variety of programs that the modern market offers. In fact, graphic design, animation based on dramaturgy, directing and storytelling are carried out and compiled using special web applications and programs. It is impossible to create interesting effects manually. Due to motion design, a whole video production is being carried out, the film industry, TV channels and other areas are developing.

Among the advantages of using programs in motion design, it is worth noting the following:

  • quick creation of animated graphics;
  • fast message delivery;
  • the possibility of developing advertising blocks;
  • the ability to create infographics concisely and clearly;
  • you can use the key parameters and tools of the programs;
  • you can reveal various complex concepts, ideas;
  • it is possible to organize information in a simple and understandable form;
  • there is an opportunity to hook and hold the attention of the target audience.

In fact, when performing motion design services, developers only have to choose video, graphics, animation elements, use all kinds of innovative features and thereby attract viewers. Programs, in turn, simplify this work.

Where else is it used?

Motion design is also applied to the production of video clips. We are talking not only about professional products created at music studios, but also about home, amateur clips. This technology allows you to turn even the simplest, unremarkable video into a spectacular form that will attract attention. Thus, it is possible to make an advertisement for a little-known group or artist in such a way as to arouse public interest.

No less popular motion design in the field of creating presentations. This applies to entertaining, scientific, and informative videos. Especially popular are presentations in the business and advertising field.

The technology has recently become in demand in 3D-mapping – a laser show, where building facades are used as screens for displaying pictures. During the video, lasers cover the geometry of the structure and the area around it.

If we talk more about interaction design, then motion design is especially multifaceted, as it can be used to produce icons, preloaders, create micro-interactions, video backgrounds, prototypes, and also effectively design cases and presentations.

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