Why Do You Need An Explainer Video?

Explainer video –  is a short video that helps illustrate complex ideas in simple, engaging, and meaningful ways in less than 2 minutes. Nowadays such videos are extremely popular for marketing purposes since they are capable of boosting your business or product.

  Although, what are the risks of creating an animated explainer video? Why is it so beneficial? How to understand that it is something you really need? Luckily for you this article will give answers to these sorts of questions. So make yourself comfortable – we begin!

Why is creating an expert video a good idea?

  As a matter of fact, there are a lot of reasons to think about creating such a video. Some of them sound logical, while others come as a great surprise. Today we will look closer at each of them.

  1. Relative simplicity

  If you think that the process of making an explainer video is a tough one, I have good news for you! Nowadays you can manage doing it simply by downloading an appropriate app and following the tutorial.

 Although, if you are not ready to devote a lot of time and energy to the process of creating a video, you may apply for professional help and get an animated explainer video by Explain.ninja.

  1. Efficiency

  The statistics show that nearly 80% of marketing professionals believe that explainer video is the best way to make people notice your business or product. It helps to stand out from the crowd and engage more potential clients.

  1. The spirit of innovation

  Let’s face it, people have changed. The representatives of the 21 st century would rather watch a short video than read long texts. Firstly, it helps them save their invaluable time, since they combine the watching process with some other activities like having a meal or doing make-up. Secondly, it performs an entertaining function.

  1. The ability to trace the activity

  One of the greatest advantages of explainer videos when compared to texts, is the author’s ability to see how many people have visited your website and what products are the most appealing for the clients. Consequently, in future this information will help you invest money efficiently. 

  1. Creativity and uniqueness

 There are no strict rules or limits for ones who want to make an explainer video. Indeed, the more creative you are – the more successful your product will be. You may import all possible images, sounds, screenshots and even graphics to your explainer video. If you are currently looking for a new source of inspiration, visit  https://explain.ninja/blog/5-impressive-product-demo-videos-for-your-marketing-inspiration-in-2021/ to create a unique masterpiece!

  1. So easy to share!

 Firstly, remember that you can upload your explainer video to more than one platform. You do not need to choose between your own website or YouTube! Just a few clicks are your video may be found anywhere you want!

  Moreover, your clients will be capable of sharing the videos with their friends or colleagues which is extremely beneficial for you. Why? It means that a lot of people will be capable of watching your explainer video. Who knows, maybe thanks to it your product will be a real breakthrough! 

Drawing conclusions

  Now it is up to you whether to make your own explainer videos or not. Anyway, you have read about the biggest advantages (yes, this list is much longer) of it. But if you feel that you are ready to try something new, interesting and beneficial this video is something you should think about! Try to imagine how your future product should look like, find your unique style and features and get down to business. This way won’t be an easy one, but you will definitely like it!

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