4 Simple Web Page Tutorials

There are so many resources available for free online for leaning to make web pages. Here are a few that are pretty good.


The W3Schools is a great resource and comes up a lot in Google when searching for anything HTML or CSS-related. They have simple, straight-forward information without a lot of text. They quickly give examples and variations. And, for most stuff, they’ve got a pretty slick “try it out” features that provides a web-based editor so you can test the web code.

W3Schools is so reliable, that I refer to it in multiple web development classes, including Web Development II and Intro to JavaScript.


Years ago, I used the HTML Dog book as a class textbook for CIS 195. It was a nice book and had a great supporting web site. Overtime, the book didn’t get updated so we dropped it. However, the site is still quite good. Not as actively updated as some, but the content is written so well with the fundamentals that it doesn’t need updating as often.

For example, the explanation of Tags and Attributes is so simple with brief text and clear examples, that it’s a great resource. Students in CIS 178 and in CIS 195 should keep HTML Dog in mind when looking up HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript references.

Six Minutes. Smarter.

I’ll put a shameless plug in here for my own videos on YouTube, which includes a playlist for a set of videos about getting started with web development. I’m a big fan of videos for new material, and then switching to printed/text material for quick reference.

Videos are used to simulate a lecture environment, so instead of going to a class and watching a demonstration, you can sit at home and watch a demonstration. Ideally, with strategic pausing and following along, students can learn to make web pages quickly and confidently.

MDN Mozilla Developer Network

Including MDN in this list is a bit of stretch, as they’re a bit more technical and best for students that have already been doing some web development. However, they are a very good resource for some basics and they have a very nice Introduction to HTML section that’s worth checking out. In fact, I’m likely going to have CIS 178 students go through this page and create the basic web page shown in the Intro.

Like W3Schools, MDN comes up a lot when doing Google searches for specific web development topics related to HTML and CSS. They’ve got a nice, clean display that’s easy to read (most of the time) and offer some example code to learn from.

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