Don’t rely on standardized cloud computing metrics

Working with third party cloud providers can be a headache for many organizations. When people outside the company have to be in charge of working with its internal infrastructure, there is room for many headaches and miscommunications. In order to prevent this, organizations should examine how and why they utilize third parties for their cloud infrastructure, and whether or not there is a better way. Cloud computing continues to engulf IT as it becomes more pervasive. Organizations should know exactly what they are getting when they sign up with a cloud provider, and finding a premium partner that can help them achieve their goals is very important.

One factor that CIOs should think about is the rise of the industry cloud, also known as the private cloud. Organizations within specific fields are beginning to find entire cloud platforms and software suites designed to help their type of company do business. Those in health care, construction or finance may have some highly specific concerns they need addressed in order to track all of their available information with the cloud. These solutions can come either together as part of a large private cloud infrastructure, or adopted piecemeal in order to allow a company a bit more freedom with how they choose to pursue their computing opportunities. It’s a more standardized way to adopt the cloud, according to Tech Republic. 

A push for utilities
Organizations that are interested in growing their cloud networks are often curious as to exactly what they are going to get from different providers. Due to the lack of standardization in some parts of the cloud market, this can often be difficult to figure out. Many organization wish that their public cloud providers worked more like a utility service than they currently do. However, this isn’t always feasible. It can in fact be difficult to get hard and fast numbers as to what exactly can be expected of a third party provider, according to Network Computing.

This is why the best way for organizations to use their cloud is to simply run it themselves. Utilizing specialized software to keep track of all the variables necessary to do so can be easy when partnered with a premium cloud provider like Faction. Being able to drill down into the details of a server through a remotely-accessible control panel gives a company all the tools it needs to customize and automate its cloud processes without having to talk to a third party to get things done.

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