Tips To Improve Your IT Recruiting Strategy

Did you know that information technology (IT) jobs are among the top 10 hardest jobs to find?

This is due to the fact that the demand is very high, and it is rather difficult to find real specialists.  Therefore, now we will consider how to facilitate this process.

The very first thing you can do is turn to good specialists, such as IT recruitment consultancy CNA.

Here are 5 IT recruiting strategies you should follow to expedite your recruitment of IT staff:

Learn to speak and think like a pro

If you are not an IT recruiter savvy, you will probably find it difficult to communicate with candidates.  To overcome the staffing barrier, you need to be fluent in the language of technology and ask yourself: what does the candidate expect from this position?

According to some reports, 43 percent of candidates turn down a job offer if the job description does not match the position or uses non-technical language in the field of telecommunications.

The goal is to be able to think and talk like a technologist does.  To do this, one of the great IT recruiting strategies is to stay ahead of the curve by following the top blogs dedicated to the sector.

Find your talent online and make yourself known on social media

Chances are your ideal IT candidate is on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.

In Staffing, it is important that you determine the type of profile you are looking for your job posting, as this will depend on whether candidates find you on a particular social network.  For example, LinkedIn is more used to hire specialized talent, while Facebook is more used to fill interns.

Make sure you have a great employer brand

A good employer brand, that is, an image that shows that your company is a good place to work, will result in you getting more candidates.

According to a study, six out of 10 job applicants refuse to work for a company after having consulted the company’s social networks and website, where they say they have encountered information that is not true, which does not guarantee a good job in the future .

One of the best IT recruiting strategies is for candidates to associate your brand identity with the goals they pursue in their professional development.  In this way, your job offer will stand out from the many others that information technology professionals receive every day.

Create a database as an IT staff strategy

Having a consolidated database of all the candidates you have contacted can be essential to attracting talent quickly.

The Candidate Shortage Study warns that only one in 10 employers seek to draw on “previously untapped reserves”, leaving the other nine to select candidates who “do not currently have the relevant skills” (even if they have the potential to train).

The profile of a candidate who was with you during the selection process 3 years ago is probably the perfect one for a newly opened position, so a database can save you a lot of time and effort if it contains contact information, the knowledge of the applicant and the history of the selection process, in which  he/she participated.

Contact Universities

A good way to get better results when hiring junior profiles or even professionals with more experience is to build connections with universities.

Only 43 out of 100 professionals are reported to have a job related to their university education, so schoolhouses represent an ideal niche for talent scouting as “young people are hungry.”

Remember that If you have any difficulties, you can always use employer branding consulting.  And remember: in the IT sector, it is important to attract the best people.

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