Snapchat Planets: Exploring the New Augmented Reality Feature

From disappearing messages to augmented reality lenses, Snapchat has carved a unique niche in the social media landscape. Constantly evolving to keep users engaged, the platform recently debuted a captivating feature: Snapchat Planets. But what exactly are they, and how can you explore this new dimension of social interaction?

Snapchat’s Journey towards Innovation

Before diving into the cosmic depths of Snapchat Planets, let’s rewind a bit. Remember those fleeting selfies and silly videos that self-destructed after a few seconds? That was Snapchat’s initial claim to fame, disrupting the social media scene with its ephemeral nature. But the platform didn’t stop there. It embraced augmented reality (AR) with gusto, introducing playful lenses that transformed selfies and real-world environments. This commitment to innovation paved the way for Snapchat Planets, a feature that seamlessly blends social connection with an AR twist.

Introducing Snapchat Planets

Imagine having your closest friends represented as planets orbiting around you, just like in our solar system. That’s the essence of Snapchat Planets! This exclusive feature is currently available only to Snapchat+ subscribers. It ranks your eight most interacted-with friends (excluding “streaks”) and assigns them planets based on their position. You become the sun at the center, and your friends orbit you based on how often you snap and chat.

Accessing and Interacting with Snapchat Planets

To access this intergalactic feature, head to your friend’s profile and look for the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge with a golden ring. Tapping on it reveals their Solar System, with each planet representing a specific friend. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Point your camera at a flat surface, and the planets magically appear in your environment. Tap on a planet to see who it represents and learn fun facts about their “orbiting frequency” (interactions).

Explanation of Snapchat Plus Planets Order

In Snapchat Plus, your friends you interact with the most appear around you in an augmented reality solar system, with you as the sun at the center. The order these friends appear in, represented by different planets, follows a specific hierarchy based on your interactions. Here’s a breakdown of the planets and their corresponding meanings:

  • Mercury: Closest to the sun, Mercury represents your absolute best friend. This is the person you interact with the most on Snapchat, through snaps, chats, video calls, and other means.
  • Venus: The second planet is your second best friend. This is the person you interact with the most after your “Mercury” friend.
  • Earth: The third planet represents your third best friend. You interact with them frequently but not as much as your top two friends.
  • Mars: Moving outwards, Mars signifies your fourth best friend. The pattern continues, with each planet representing a friend you interact with progressively less than the previous one.
  • Jupiter: This gas giant represents your fifth best friend.
  • Saturn: The ringed planet signifies your sixth best friend.
  • Uranus: The tilted ice giant represents your seventh best friend.
  • Neptune: The farthest planet signifies your eighth best friend. This is the person you interact with the least out of your top eight friends on Snapchat.

It’s important to remember that this order is dynamic and can change over time as your interactions with your friends on Snapchat evolve. Additionally, this feature is exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The specific appearance of each planet can be customized with different styles and themes.
  • You can tap on any planet to see your friend’s profile and initiate interactions with them.
  • This feature offers a playful and visual way to understand your social connections within the Snapchat world.

I hope this explanation clarifies the order of planets in Snapchat Plus and its meaning!

Creating a Unique Experience

Want to add a personal touch to your Solar System? Snapchat Planets offers customization options! Choose different planet styles, unlock special badges for achieving milestones with your friends, and even view your past Solar Systems to see how your social landscape has evolved.

Initial Reactions to Snapchat Planets

The feature has garnered mixed reactions. Some users love the playful and interactive nature, appreciating the unique way to visualize their close friendships. Others find it less informative than the traditional list format or express concerns about privacy implications. Nevertheless, Snapchat Planets stands as a testament to the platform’s continued push for innovation in the AR space.


Snapchat Planets may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it undeniably represents a fascinating step forward in social media integration with AR. By gamifying friendship dynamics and adding an immersive layer to interaction, Snapchat offers a glimpse into the future of the social sphere, where the virtual and real seamlessly intertwine. So, whether you’re a seasoned astronaut or a social media newbie, strap on your virtual spacesuit and explore the uncharted territory of Snapchat Planets!


What are Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat Planets is a new augmented reality (AR) feature on Snapchat that visualizes your closest friends as planets orbiting around you, like a personalized solar system. The closer you are to someone in terms of snaps and chats, the closer their “planet” orbits.

Who can access Snapchat Planets?

Currently, Snapchat Planets is only available to Snapchat+ subscribers.

Can I customize my Snapchat Planets experience?

Yes! You can choose different planet styles, unlock special badges for milestones with friends, and even revisit your past Solar Systems to see how your social landscape has evolved.

Is Snapchat Planets the future of social media?

It’s too early to say for sure, but it offers a glimpse into a future where virtual and real-world social interaction seamlessly intertwine. Whether you’re an early adopter or not, it’s a fun and unique way to explore your social connections in a new light.

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