Get Familiar With Your New MacBook in This Guide

Get Familiar With Your New MacBook in This Guide

So, you have made this great investment which you were thinking about for quite a while, and got yourself a MacBook. What’s next? You must be in the process of setting up your new device and getting familiar with it. If that’s something you are preparing to do, this guide should come in quite handy. 

Touch ID 

The latest MacBook Pro models integrate support for Apple ID. So, you can log into your account with the touch-optimized interface and can set up multiple user access. Moreover, you can use Apple Pay to make online purchases.

Touch Bar

MacBook Pro comes with Touch Bar, which is an OLED Panel that gives Apple keyboard an all-new appearance. Situated at the top, it eliminates the function key shortcuts and makes the keyboard more tactile and responsive. 

Menu Bar

The Menu bar sits at the top of the screen, houses an Apple menu that gets you to the system settings. You can navigate to the App menu, which is specific to the app you are currently using, and can access Spotlight or Siri. 

Auto Unlock 

You can set up your laptop with a strong password to avoid the inconvenience of remembering or retyping the password each time you unlock your screen. Auto Unlock allows you to unlock your computer with Apple Watch by setting a 14-digit password. 

Trackpad & Magic Mouse

The trackpad and the included Magic Mouse offer useful features such as gesture-based functionality that will allow you to zoom, scroll, swipe, and more. You can also customize your Force Touch trackpad as Per your requirements.

The Dock

The dock is the section that stores all the files, apps, and folders that you frequently use. It gives you quick access to the most used apps, which you can open with a single click. You can add new apps or remove the existing apps in the dock at any time, as required. 


Finder is the place where you can find all the apps, programs, and everything that you are looking for. You can even find and directly access the Cloud-based programs in the Finder window. There is no need to dig into the drives and folders to find a particular app. 

Mac App Store

Mac App Store is the place where you will find the Apple apps and games to install on your device. You need to hit the App Store for updating and upgrading your Mac Operating System and software programs. You can access and explore the content using Apple ID.

Full-Screen Mode

Avoid distractions and stay productive by using the full-screen mode on your Mac. You can select to split your screen or can run two programs side-by-side if you wish to multitask. This is a very useful and powerful feature that allows you to do multiple tasks at once. 

Other Storage 

Other storage on your Apple computer or laptop is the location that stores uncategorized data such as cache files, system files, temporary files, etc. You can delete the content on the other storage and learn more tips to make additional space on the MacBook’s drive.


Siri on the macOS will help you find the right object, schedule tasks, organize your meetings, share reminders and alerts, find pictures, play videos, and more. You don’t have to find things at various locations on your Mac, instead put Siri to work and get the stuff instantly. 


Spotlight is a robust program that helps you to find the right file, folder, email, app, or other content that you are looking for. Whatever you are searching for, Spotlight will find it for you. It makes you more productive while working on the Mac or MacBook. 


Your default Mac browser is named Safari, and you must give it a try to experience a faster web browsing journey. You can use Safari on your Mac, MacBook, iPhone, or iPad to enjoy integrations and features par excellence. 


The apps or games that you have installed on your Mac will be displayed on the Launchpad. You may understand it as the Home Screen on your iPad or iPhone. It allows you to organize or delete apps and games and search for a particular thing using a search bar.


If you have ever used Messages on iPhone or iPad, your Mac allows you to access them the same way. Using Messages, you can receive texts from contacts that are not using iOS or from friends that are not using smartphones at all. 

Mail App

Connect your mail client to the Mail app, Apple’s built-in feature, to get notifications on receiving a new message in your inbox. It allows you to set filters for unread messages, VIP contacts, emails with attachments, and more. 


Sign up to an iCloud account and move important data to your drive to be able to access it from anywhere or any device. You will get 5GB of free storage space on signup using your Apple ID. You can use Apple’s Continuity feature to start something on one Apple device and continue from another.

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