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Best 3ds Emulator for Android, PC, Mac, iOS, Windows

best 3ds emulator

In the past few years, retro gaming has become one of the main trends in the gaming industry. And nowadays there is a list to choose the best 3ds emulator, which is available for everybody.

There are a lot of reasons for this, including the emergence of generations of people, all their conscious life passionate about video games and experiencing nostalgia for the first of them, and the crisis of ideas, giving rise to a wave of remakes and remasters, and the rapid development of indie games, many of which gravitate towards stylized graphics the first eight-bit consoles.

For modern PCs, emulation of classic platforms has long been no problem – at least in terms of the required power. Compact solutions can be powerful too, as the example of the Nintendo Switch shows, showing graphics in original games better than, for example, the MS Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 consoles in their day. Modern smartphones are even comparable in power to desktop PCs of yesteryear.

In this case, two points must be taken into account. Firstly, the best 3ds emulator for pc simulates the operation of each component of the device, but the game itself does not even suspect that it is running not on a native console, but a powerful PC. For such an accurate imitation (and without it, most games simply will not start), enormous computing power is needed, tens of times more than that of the original device. Therefore, to emulate more or less modern consoles, a machine with very non-acidic characteristics is needed. And secondly, for a normal game, you will need a gamepad. The keyboard, of course, can also be used, but it is very, very inconvenient. Even the cheapest $ 10 gamepads will be preferable to the most expensive keyboard.

Checklist to Find the Best 3ds Emulators


Guide] How to Install Mods on Citra 3DS Emulator [Super Smash Bros. (3DS)]  [Tutorials]

Citra is one of the best 3ds emulator for android. It is a dedicated emulator for running Nintendo 3DS games. Its sources are completely open-source.

Development began back in 2014. At various times during these six years, about 150 employees have worked and are working in her team. That being said, none of them are affiliated with the official Nintendo development team.

The main requirement for running games through Citra on Windows is a 64-bit operating system (Win 7 or higher). Moreover, the developers do not even plan to support 32-bit versions, as they write about on their official forum.

Another important factor for running on Windows is the presence of a graphics adapter with support for the OpenGL library set (version 3.3 or later).


The emulator itself is a pretty good thing. It allows you to get acquainted with those games that you once missed. The main advantage of the RetroArch emulator over others is its versatility. To a greater extent, using the emulation of Dendy and Sega, but in addition to these consoles, you can find emulation of platforms such as Atari, Game Boy, PS1, etc. But, as it turned out in practice, there are some difficulties with ps1 games. It is also available on many platforms, including Android, but here should be only touched on the setting on windows OS. The emulator is completely free, has no ads, and is fairly easy to customize.


Pretendo NDS Emulator apk download from MoboPlay

Pretendo nowadays is one of the best choices among available emulators. It was created in order to let users the way to enjoy classical games of Nintendo. And nowadays it’s available om Android.

If to talk about the main features of this emulator, there is an opportunity to load ROMs in .rom and in .ds format. Also there are additional compressed formats. In the center of attention is the control system of this variant. Nintendo DS offers virtual controls, and they are absolutely identical to Pretendo. Also all the users have an opportunity to use own finger instead of stylus. It should be applied on the lower side of the screen. As a result, the gamer has an opportunity to fully control the game.

If to speak about the main features, that there should be highlighted autosaving option. It’s used in the process of the game in order to save progress. In case of need can be deactivated the graphics and sounds.

Pretendo NDS Emulator is a good Nintendo DS emulator for Android. Of course there are also some cons, not only pros in this solution. They should be in the center of attention and should be analyzed before the game. First of all, it’s the amount of ads. But this disadvantage can be easily solved.

Drastic DS Emulator

Choosing any good 3ds emulators, pay attention to DraStic DS Emulator. It is a great choice for fans of retro platformer games. The app lets you emulate the most popular Nintendo DS games right on your mobile device! Use the hacked version to install the most famous console games and use dozens of ready-made cheats to unlock the most exciting gameplay possibilities! For a more comfortable passage, you can connect controllers and gamepads.

In addition to emulation, DraStic program allows you to double the image quality, but for this, your Android device must have at least four cores. All games perfectly adapt to the screen of almost any mobile device, as for the control buttons. You can save all your achievements at any stage of the passage, in addition, the results will be synchronized via the cloud with other devices in your profile. Replay your favorite console games with better graphics and more!

Features of the program:

  • popular emulator for Nintendo DS games;
  • the ability to double the picture quality depending on the characteristics of the device;
  • support for all kinds of controllers;
  • saving achievements and synchronization between different devices;
  • the ability to speed up playback using fast rewind;
  • in this version everything is open and full functionality is available;
  • a large database of cheat codes for a more interesting passage of your favorite games.

The only drawback of the app is that you won’t be able to play online with other users, but perhaps this feature will be added soon. Otherwise, the application deserves only the highest rating, which is confirmed by a large number of positive comments and a high rating on Google Play.

How to make a choice?

It’s important to look at the specific features in every case and choose the top 3ds emulator.

How to download?

It’s recommended to use official websites.


Of course the choice of emulator is always an individual choice. And it should be done by the player himself. There are a lot of the opportunities, among which can be made the best choice.

The operation of any emulator is based on reading the structural features of mobile devices and translating application codes for them into computer codes. This applies to both graphics and audio formats, and the emulation process extends to the processor, memory (RAM), and input devices of the computer (such as keyboard and mouse).

In other words, with the help of modern technologies and the development of virtual emulation, you can run both simple and more complex applications for phones or tablets on your favorite computer, for example, with the Windows operating system. Moreover, all this can be done completely free of charge, since the emulator can be downloaded and installed on a computer in a few minutes.

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