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Does .NET Have a Future?


The future of C #, in our opinion, is very bright and promising, because Microsoft has been supporting, promoting and using both C # and .NET Framework for several years. In the near future, we do not see anything that can become the death of one or the other, but on the contrary – most likely there will be growth and prospects. By all measures, Azure is growing in profit and becoming one of the main businesses for the company, and for this cloud technology to continue to develop and flourish, it must outperform the competition.

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Microsoft support it

Microsoft is doing everything it can to be better and to stand out, so huge resources are spent to make development for Azure as simple and efficient as possible. Therefore, .NET Core was created, which allows you to develop code from under any OS. Therefore, Visual Studio Code was created. At least we see it that way, and judging by what is happening on the market, everything works great.

Windows is not the limit

Don’t like Windows and love macOS? Microsoft does not limit it these days,you can just work on macs, the main thing is to write under Azure and use it, and they will be happy (I mean MS).

Probable prospects

C # will live on anyway, because it is the main language for the .NET Framework and .NET Core, and for C # plans have already been made not only for the near, but also for the distant future by IT standards. And for IT, plans for three years ahead are a lot, and five years is already a lot, because in our field everything is changing very quickly.

But at the expense of .NET Framework and .NET Core, everything is not so simple. Do not forget that the C # language is only a programming language that is often used to write code for the .NET framework.

There are already signs that the .NET Framework is fully matured in terms of functionality and will no longer develop. This is most likely the case, because it is limited to only one OS – Windows. There is talk that after the 5th version there will only be support for this framework, bug fixes, but we won’t see much of the new functionality. Even if this is just talk, reality indicates that .NET Core has become a priority for MS.

We believe the Framework will continue to evolve because there are standards that Microsoft itself must adhere to. The standard will continue to develop and .NET Core will gradually become more advanced, but if something new appears in the standard that is not in the Framework, then the Framework will most likely be updated, it will be very bad if it lags behind.

We don’t see any sense in running with the .NET Framework, because Microsoft itself is already strongly tied to the framework and continues to use it, which is obvious that the .NET Framework will not be killed. You can continue to use it if it is not possible and necessary to switch to .NET Core. But if there is an opportunity and desire, then it is better to start doing it.

.NET Core is already coming to the fore, and in the case of a Web project, any new undertaking would be better done on .NET Core. It is only at the very beginning of his path and will move on. The next version of .NET 5 is actually Core. Framework is still at version 4.8.

Microsoft claims that there is no need to be afraid of .NET’s death and the 5th version will be labeled LTS or Long Term Support, and it seems for this framework this means 3 years of support.


Basically, you can start a new project on the .NET Framework, because its future in terms of support and bug fixes is quite bright. But whether this makes sense for you to decide, because .NET Core is faster, eats less memory and can run on Linux or macOS. And this is already cool and worth it to switch to Core. Its support promises to be Super LTS.

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