Red Dead Redemption 2: one year after the hype

Whether you’re asking if Red Dead Redemption 2 is excellent, we’ll say it’s up there with GTA V, The Witcher 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But Rockstar didn’t release GTA Wild West. RDR2 is less of a fun endeavor and more of an “encyclopedia of American life”. In addition, the audience for such a game will be far less than for the pleasant daily lives of auto thieves. If you need a Red Dead Redemption 2 account for sale, please contact us, and now about the game itself!

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Arthur Morgan, the protagonist, is a cross between Max Payne from GTA III and Michael from GTA V. The legendary Dutch gang is in trouble following a botched robbery: robbers are on the run,

Pinkerton’s are their rivals. The gang is a mobile camp that engages in theft, robbery, usury, fraud, and, of course, purchasing and selling stolen things. And it’s not fulfilling work: half of your earnings go to the ringleader.

That said, Rockstar put a lot of effort into developing the camp, and it is populated with well-developed people with their own personalities, habits, and lifestyles. The next mission will be worth it, and the findings will be discussed. Or swear again. Or a nailed dog. Only the tunes that the Taborians love to bawl on long summer nights are repeated, making camp exploration fun.

Of course, the settlement management is required. However, no one, save for Arthur, is really eager to refill this fund, thus it falls to him to conduct extensive charitable work. Everyone will appreciate the protagonist after a substantial donation, and even when they first purchase something vital for everyone with this money, people’s adoration is assured.

You may earn money by carrying food bags throughout the camp, chopping wood, or filling washbasins. The lessons are tiresome, but they pay off: Arthur’s “karma” improves (shop discounts rely on it), and the vital sign of a good sight develops.

The game’s three key attributes are health, endurance, and a keen eye. With health, everything is clear, but a healthy eye is a local time dilation. The longer slo-mo operates, the more benefits it delivers. Unlike in Hitman: Absolution, you can’t fire until the game’s finale, when the targets’ weak zones are indicated.

Health develops through battle and using explosives, endurance grows by running (ideally with a hefty weight on the shoulders), and the “eye” grows with well-aimed shots and daily labour like cutting firewood and skinning corpses.

2018’s Most Awaited Game

The local environment is so dynamic, with so many hidden laws, dynamics, and regulations, that it continuously produces new tales. As an example: I embarked on a journey to repay a woman’s debt. The majority went to the gang’s common money, but I should have gotten $15. But the lady had no money: her cohabitant owing her, and I was asked to pay it off. The guy got into a fight, I immediately “calmed” him, and then discovered money in his pockets. The mission is over.

Unwillingly, an elderly man hurried to inform the authorities of what he had observed. Then I chase him, lasso him, tie him up, drool him, and start an informative dialogue. A cannon from his pocket, he begins firing himself as soon as the bindings are released! I attempt to punch him in the jaw, forgetting that I still have the knife in my hands, which I used to release him. Grandfather vanishes, and I’m forced on the run. …for the same fifteen bucks that I earned on this case.

You might be a three-time respectable bandit with excellent karma, but no one is immune to inadvertent breaks into a tough tin. At the same time, Red Dead Redemption 2 does not promote mindless violence: you inadvertently crushed someone with a horse, panicked and started shooting at law enforcers – and now you have a hefty reward and bounty hunters are after you.

Fighting off four adversaries while riding into an ambush is vastly more difficult than killing four dozen opponents during a mission. Inconvenient to aim from a horse, and if out in the open while the hunters are undercover, prospects of survival are slim. Moreover, the system of penalties for offenses deters aggressiveness much better than the removed wanted stars from GTA. Paying bills is inevitable here, and leaving with money is always a disappointment.

In the game, there are many methods to gain additional money. You have to count every penny at first because you want a better rifle, a new horse, and money for the camp. The quickest option is to plunder fallen adversaries’ corpses, which may be found in hundreds of following missions.

The game’s brutal reality is evident even here: Arthur is often ordered to flee the crime site, leaving little time to acquire trophies. I thought that was just idle talk, but it’s true: a strong legal team can replace a major battle.

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