Logitech G930 Keeps Disconnecting and Turning Off

Logitech G930 Keeps Disconnecting and Turning Off

A quality headset for a computer game lover is no less important than a mouse or keyboard. It should be convenient and functional, because during the multiplayer game there is no time to be distracted by various trifles. Today we will talk about just such a model – this is the Logitech G930. There is such a problem, as Logitech G933 keeps disconnecting. This random issue is related to the usb driver. And there is of course option and solution for the situation.

Review of the gaming headset Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

Do you remember how popular computer clubs were ten years ago? One of the most vivid memories associated with such establishments is the constant screams of the players who are thus trying to keep in touch during the multiplayer game. But what to do now, when the players are at a great distance from each other and cannot communicate face to face? This is what gaming headsets are for. Firstly, they have a built-in microphone for negotiations, and secondly, they have headphones that allow you to protect your home from the constant sounds of the game, which the uninitiated very quickly get bored with. If Logitech headset keeps disconnecting, there are some ways to solve the problem.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

The Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 successfully combines excellent sound insulation, stylish design, quality sound and superior ergonomics. Plus a wireless connection, which is also important.

The headset is packaged in a standard Logitech black and green cardboard box with a blister. Inside is the headset itself, as well as instructions, a charging cable connected to the USB interface, a rather large USB receiver that looks like a USB flash drive and a software disc.

On the side is a wide fluted volume control wheel. Here the designers worked very well, the hand intuitively falls on it and there are no problems with increasing or decreasing the volume. Next to it is the microphone mute key. By the way, there is a red LED on the tip of the microphone, which indicates its operation.

Just above the volume control are three customizable keys G1, G2 and G3 that can be used while playing. To be honest, it’s not very clear to me how to do this quickly, because you need to take your hand off the keyboard and grope for them. The only use that would make sense for these buttons is to switch chat channels.

The device of the speakers and noise isolating rings is thought out to the smallest detail. All these parts are very soft and fit well to the head. If you put on a turned off headset, you get the feeling that these are special construction headphones – so good sound insulation.

It is worth saying a few words about the receiver. Unfortunately, here it is not as attractive as the Unifying used in most Logitech peripherals. The Logitech G930 disconnecting isa question for professionals. However, it is more powerful. So, in a rather large three-room apartment, he “caught” everywhere without any problems, even on the balcony.

In terms of sound, the headset has nothing to blame. Of course, this will be quite subjective, but I would use it not only for games, but also in everyday life, if it could be connected to the player. But, unfortunately, there is no such possibility – Logitech G930 works only in tandem with a computer. Well, then, it is important to understand that the requirements for gaming headphones are not the same as for everyone else. Here, it is not the frequency range, not saturated and not the maximum volume that comes to the fore, but the reliability of the sound.

How to fix disconnecting and reconnecting issue?

There is nothing more frustrating than problems in work of the headset.

The problem often arises when the audio signal in one of the headphones disappears, but no external damage to the cable is observed. This can happen due to the separation of one or even two wires from the speaker inside the housing of the plug itself. And also due to poor-quality soldering of thin conductors to a dynamic emitter at the manufacturing plant. Less often, the speakers of wireless headphones fail due to power overload (again, a manufacturing defect). In this case, the coil inside the emitter itself burns out and during repair it is necessary to replace the speaker with an identical one.

Update Logitech G930 Headset Drivers

It also happens quite often that when you try to pair, you are either greeted with an error message, or the pairing process seems to run indefinitely – without actually pairing the two. The simplest solution is here if Logitech G930 disconnecting and reconnecting:

  • Remove any unused or unnecessary connections.
  • Ask for professional help.

Move to the Previous Version of the Logitech G930 Driver

If Logitech G930 keeps turning off and on.In this case, 2 options are possible: return to the old firmware version; installation of a new one in a service center. Also, there may be a problem when connecting the headphones to the computer. The latter may not be able to detect them due to uninstalled or requiring updating drivers. After reinstallation, the headphones will start working without the use of tools and a soldering iron. Looking for damage The main reason for the malfunction of wireless headphones is still a damaged connection cable. Therefore, if there are no visible traces of impacts (chips, scratches) on the cases of the headset, control unit or battery, then the first thing to do is to make a careful, detailed examination of the cord. There may be fractures, bends, or tears at the points where it connects to the headphones, the control unit, or the battery case. To do this, charged headphones turn on to play a music track, gently probe and bend the cable along its entire length. If the cord is deformed in the place of the expected break, the sound in one or two headphones will be interrupted or, conversely, appear.

Disable USB Selective Suspend Setting

A slight inconvenience is caused only by the aforementioned power button, but this is a mere trifle.

Each earphone has two degrees of freedom in relation to the headband, so the headset can be adjusted to fit any head shape. When adjusting, all parts move smoothly and easily, so that there is no feeling of looseness of the device.

The software for the Logitech G930 includes tools to make surround sound work properly, customize assignable G-keys, and change your voice in real time.

To sum up

You can try to repair the headphones yourself. Even if it turns out that the cause of the malfunction is more serious than a broken cable or a speaker failure, the user will be aware of this and will not pay in the workshop for the simplest repair as for replacing the same control panel. But you shouldn’t take outdated wireless headphones for repair, it will cost half the price that was paid when you purchased them. Better to buy new ones.

In general, the conclusion is hardly unexpected. Overall, the headset came out great. It combines great design, decent ergonomics, long battery life, which is very important given the fact that the headset is wireless.

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